“Our Journey with the Wise men” Advent 2016

Here are the following dates to help us Journey to Christmas 2016


Sun. Nov, 27 at 9:45am 1st Sunday of Advent- The Path of Desire


Sat. Dec.3 at 5pm Potluck supper & Yankee Swap


Sun. Dec. 4 at 9:45am 2nd Sunday of Advent – We do not Travel Alone


Sat. Dec.10 Christmas Tea Sale


Sun. Dec.11 at 9:45am 3rd Sunday of Advent – Danger on the Road


Sat. Dec.17 at 7pm Drama “The Greatest Christmas Gift”


Sun. Dec.18 at 9:45am 4th Sunday of Advent – Lost in Wonder


Sun. Dec. 18 at 6pm Christmas Carolling


Thurs. Dec. 24 at 6:30pm Christmas Eve Service “The Gift of Christmas”


Fri. Dec.25 at 9:45am Christmas Day Service “Journey of the Magi”