Benevolent Fund Policy


This fund, supported by the free-will gifts of the church’s people, is intended to provide support and relief to those whose special needs come to our attention.


This fund will be separate from all other church treasuries and will be kept in strictest confidence between the assigned treasurer and those responsible for overseeing the fund.

It will be overseen by the Deacon’s Board and the Pastor, along with either a designated Deacon or a member of the church family will be the only two privy to details of the distribution of the funds. The Deacons will be told only generalities such as number of people helped.

A financial report will be made annually and respecting confidentially, individuals assisted will not be identified.

Donations to the Benevolent Fund may be made through specifying same on church envelope during regular collection. The monies will be separated and channeled to the appropriate persons. There may be fund raising done from time to time for the purpose of the Benevolent Fund.

If any church member is aware of a special and extraordinary need in the community that they feel may warrant consideration for the Benevolent Fund, that concern should be expressed to either the Pastor or the Deacon or member of the Church involved in the Benevolent Fund only. The designated person holding the position will be made known to the congregation. The Chair of the Deacon’s Board may also be contacted, and the information will be channeled to the appropriate persons.

Amended at Annual Meeting — March 9, 2019

Reviewed & Approved — March 9, 201