Sound System Policy

The utilization of the sound system enhances the overall quality of Sunday and special services. Use of microphones often provides the necessary amplification to enable those with varying degrees of hearing loss to fully participate in the worship service. Utilization of the sound system has become a normal expectation, for those looking for a church in which to worship. The successful operation of the sound system requires knowledge and experience in use of the volume and controls, as well as, the ability to make adjustments according to speaker voice and tone in order to ensure maximum clarity.

The successful operation of the sound system requires specific knowledge and experience in use of the controls. Individuals who operate the sound system will receive the necessary training in order to operate the system and will have their own security codes in order to access to the system.

In the event of a medical emergency or fire, audio technicians will activate the emergency warning system to call for ambulance, fire or police assistance. Audio technicians will receive training on how to operate the emergency warning system.

It is desirable to maintain a pool of 4 individuals who are trained and experienced in the operation of the sound system. These individuals will develop a roster or schedule, in order to ensure that audio technicians are available for Sunday and special services.

A primary contact person will be designated for specific inquiries regarding use of the sound system for other events such as weddings or funerals or to respond to any specific requirements or questions . For any event other than Sunday service or other special church service, a $25.00 fee will be charged and paid to the audio technician responsible for the event.

The pastor and deacons will provide as much advance notice as possible regarding specific requirement for Sunday or special services ( type and/or location of microphones). This will allow the necessary time to locate, set up and test the equipment prior to service.

Sunday, as well as special services, will be recorded on cassette tapes for the
delivery to sick or homebound members of the church family