Regular weekly ministries are on hiatus for the summer and will re-start in September


Monthly Prayer Walk:

What: A prayer walk is a dedicated time of prayer for certain people and certain places. As one of our missions is to reach out to our community, the prayer walks are to have a time to pray for people and places in our community. Anyone is welcome to join. You do not have to be a prayer warrior or a strong speaker. You do not have to pray out loud. What is needed is for you to be able to empty your mind and heart of everything except the Holy Spirit and listen for what He says should be prayed for,  then pray with all your heart and all your soul. This is a journey for our church and our members.

When: The last Sunday of each month following services, approximately 11:30 am.


Middle School Ministry

What: We are excited to have been invited by the Central Kings Middle School to offer some home made treats in the cafeteria to the Middle School Students. While this is still in the planning stages, it is a ministry that will no doubt be off and running as school starts up in the fall. Volunteers are always welcome, both for the baking and for the serving.

When: still to be decided


New ideas for ministry are always welcome! We would love ideas and volunteers for Youth and Seniors ministries – feel free to contact us.